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Voice Biometrics Authentication

Djaoo “Voice Biometrics Authentication” is a contactless and face less Access Control System using AI voice recognition system with industry-leading anti-spoofing capabilities. It enables fast, frictionless and highly secure access for a range of use cases eg. Office entry, online applications, call identification etc. It can also be used in conjunction with other authentication systems (Face, fingerprint etc.).

Voice biometrics uses

In winter and cold regions

Voice recognition can substitute finger print recognition in winter and in cold regions.

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In tody's world

Face recognition is not possible while a mask is on your face.

For niqab wearers

Face recognition is difficult for niqab wearers.

significance in today's world

In the current Covid situation face masks make face recognition difficult and finger printing involves physical contact, so secure Voice Biometrics is the best option. Also it helps to achieve the mandatory requirement of safeguarding employees.
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Djaoo Voice Biometrics Authentication system is very easy to adapt as it provides API access, offline (local), on premises with support across a variety of browsers and operating systems and mobile platforms like Android and IOS. Our expert support engineers provide support to customers throughout the installation, upgrade, and day-to-day use stages.