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Video Annotation Services

The most developed video explanation arrangement in the market

Survey the physical world

Djaoo has helped numerous organizations build up the absolute most requesting video-based PC vision applications. Guided by our in-house PC vision and information science groups, we use ML broadly within our foundation to help quicken comment and drive quality control forms. As specialists ourselves, we comprehend the difficulties and barriers groups must address when bringing a ML task to creation.

Our Video Annotation Capabilities

Perplexing and long-running video comment ventures are finished in less time in light of the fact that our foundation bolsters limitation of substances across several edges with only a couple of snaps. There’s no compelling reason to part or downscale video because of resolution or length.

Bounding box annotation

Detect individuals, objects, and environments

Polygon annotation

Annotation service for irregular shaped and coarse object in video.

Landmark annotation

Used for sentiment analysis, facial recognition or prediction of the pedestrian motion

Semantic segmentation

Pixel-wise semantic annotation of video sequences

Why Us

Superior Quality

We add context to thwart potential ambiguity. Our quality assurance implies we can deal with granular prerequisites.

Global Scale

We are operating in multiple countries. We source annotators who coordinate customer prerequisite.

Unmatched Speed

We convey quality information 5-10x quicker than our opposition.

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