Instore Artificial Intelligence(AI) Platform | Djaoo Ltd


DJAOO provides a simple, powerful and effective insight from every shoppers to enhance sales. It is the only solution to provide cost effective and full store analytics using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning.


Offers AI based technology to offline retailers


Ability to capture customer attention and analyze it in real time

Quality Support

Real time reporting to maximize QOS to customers


Two way communication with potential customers

DJAOO Instore AI Benefits

Visitor Insights

  • Statistics
  • Demographics (Age, Sex)
  • Unique visitor, returning visitor

Tenant Intelligence

  • Footfall traffic
  • Dwell times in shops
  • Application usage statistics


  • Smart digital signage
  • Targeted offers/coupons

Operation Optimization

  • Usage Level by shops
  • Peak visitor times
  • Event based alerts

DJAOO Instore AI Platform

  • Real time data GUI
  • Export feature
  • Automated email
  • Live visitor and demographic view
  • API
  • Android enterprise support
  • Digital Signage
  • Remote control of apps and features
 DJAOO Instore AICompetition
TechnologyImage AnalyticsVideo stream Analytics
Bandwidth requirementLowHigh
Edge computing hardwareNo hardware required. 1 edge device per shop may be used1 hardware per device
Actions Based on TriggersYesNo
GPU intensive hardware on cloud serversNoYes
CMS for digital signage and couponYesNo
PricingFraction of the competitionHigh