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Text Annotation Services

Train your models to perform human-like errands with our information marking stage

Text Annotation Services

Decode unstructured text

Deciphering common language is perplexing and nuanced, in any event, for people. Which means is affected by setting, edges of reference, singular inclinations, and situational requirements, among different factors. While current AI models have figured out how to foresee and produce text, they are not yet ready to execute complex assignments like assessment investigation or aim acknowledgment without huge volumes of human-named information that catch semantic properties.

Our Text Annotation Capabilities

Our foundation and reason fabricated devices bolster comment for Named Element Acknowledgment, grammatical feature labeling, text arrangement, and discourse acknowledgment, empowering clients to separate importance out of crude text. Text errands are conveyed to a group of human annotators who are prepared to deal with use cases including a serious extent of subjectivity like goal acknowledgment and feeling examination.

Text Collection

Gathering and measuring information from countless different sources

Text Classification

Separate inappropriate content for human judgment and reviews

Text Sentiment Annotation

Train your model to perform sentiment analysis

Named Entity Tagging

Classify named entities in text

Semantic Annotation

Attaching additional information to various concepts (e.g. people, things, places, organizations etc) in a given text

Question & answer collection

Question and answer collection for question answering model

Likert scale

Bipolar scaling method, measuring either positive or negative response to a statement

Why Us

Superior Quality

We add context to thwart potential ambiguity. Our quality assurance implies we can deal with granular prerequisites.

Global Scale

We are operating in multiple countries. We source annotators who coordinate customer prerequisite.

Unmatched Speed

We convey quality information 5-10x quicker than our opposition.

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