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Audio Annotation Services

Sound or discourse recorded in any arrangement can be made reasonable to machines through AI

Platform to annotate audio files

NLP based discourse acknowledgment models, need commented on sound to make such stable progressively understandable to applications like a chatbot or menial helper gadgets. Djaoo gives sound comment administration to recorded sounds or discourse with added metadata to make the human – bot association increasingly significant.

Our Audio Annotation Capabilities

Commenting on a discourse with the correct strategy is significant for an honest comprehension of sound documents and recorded sounds. Djaoo works with the top tier sound explanation apparatus utilized in the business to comment on areas in them utilizing the given marks. What’s more, Djaoo utilizes the best sound explanation apparatus with right labeling utilizing the metaphysics to comprehend the sound.

Named entity recognition

Locate and classify named entities into pre-defined categories such as person names, organizations, locations, medical codes etc

Audio Sentiment Annotation

Interpret and classify emotions (positive, negative and neutral)

Audio classification

Separate inappropriate content for human judgment and reviews

Audio collection

Gathering and measuring information from different necessary sources

Why Us

Superior Quality

We add context to thwart potential ambiguity. Our quality assurance implies we can deal with granular prerequisites.

Global Scale

We are operating in multiple countries. We source annotators who coordinate customer prerequisite.

Unmatched Speed

We convey quality information 5-10x quicker than our opposition.

Our Global Partners

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